Everyday life's value portfolio
and interview featured on the LeicaCameraBlog !!

First printing test !!

Lucien, Wazemmes / Christmas Discount

Cette photo fait partie du projet "Short Street Stories" mené par dotArt et ExhibitAround !!
I'm part of the "Short Street Stories" project run by dotArt and ExhibitAround !!

Confiture de fraises, Bruxelles / Strawberry Jam, Brussels

is Photo of the Month for OpticNerveCollective !!

Oussenou dans son atelier, Casablanca 
fait partie du projet Immigrantopolis et d'une exposition collective à Cracovie en Pologne
Oussenou at work, Casablanca
is part of Immigrantopolis project and exhibited in Cracow, Poland

is featured on PrivatePhotoReview !!

Rue de Béthune, Lille / Bethune Street, Lille
is featured in Street Photography Gallery by LFI Magazine !!

Three of my photographs are featured in collective exhibition
at Caffè San Marco in Trieste during Trieste Photo Fringe !!

Some of my Street Photos
are featured on Edge of Humanity Magazine !!

Séjour de rupture / Break Journey story
is featured on Edge of Humanity Magazine !!

Le baiser, Toulouse / The kiss, Toulouse
is finalist for the analogue contest at San Francisco StreetFoto Awards 2018
and exhibited from June 4 to 10 at Harvey Milk Photo Center !!
is also finalist for PhosAthens 2018  
and exhibited at iFocus Gallery in Athens, Greece  !!

Bons baisers de Bruxelles / From Brussels with love project
is featured on Private PhotoReview !!

Les Ruines du Vieux-Monde / Ruins from the Old World series
received Honorable Mention at IPOTY 2017 !!

Gare de Lille-Europe / Lille-Europe Train Station
is featured on Epic Stories !!

Un couple, Paris / Two Lovers, Paris
is selected as a Leica MasterShot by LFI Magazine !!

Je participe au Workshop de Harry Gruyaert pendant le Brussels Street Photo Festival BSPF 2016 !!
I'm attending Harry Gruyaert Workshop during Brussels Street Photo Festival BSPF 2016 !!

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